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Meet The Shrednecks

on 18 January 2010.


Brian is a cyborg originally built in a subterranean laboratory below Chicago IL by a mad scientist with the purpose of destroying the human species. He rebelled against his creator when he discovered he could use his cyborg abilities to create rhythmic destruction instead. He has been playing the drums ever since. He graduated from MI in Hollywood in 2005, then played drums in the heavy metal band Otep. He now enjoys living in Nashville and being a Shredneck.



Coach wasn't born.  He was forged from the molten bowels of the Earth.  His musical studies have encompassed a wide spectrum; a tenure in classical music that included performing Mozart's Requiem at Carnegie Hall, a degree in jazz performance from the University of Miami, and even an international latin pop tour with Chayanne.  Now he's getting his Shredneck on . . . beware.



A vagabond at heart, Fred traces his roots to a 19th century Dutch band of gypsies, tramps and thieves called the Bock Riders. Upon arrival in the USA, he has roamed across the country on motorcycles and freight trains, sharing bread and cheap whiskey with medicine men and truck stop hookers alike, acquiring the wits of a raven. His motto: "The Devil made me do it the first time. The second time I done it on my own."


Tim was raised in the mountains of Montana by a pack of wolves. When the wolves kicked him out of the pack for having a red beard, he found his real parents who also lived much like the wolves, in the mountains with no electricity. He learned to play guitar at a very young age by candlelight as his folks were going green way before it was cool (Seriously). Tim attended Musicians Institute in Hollyweird Ca where he honed his partying skills, then moved on to Nashville. Tim enjoys long walks in the woods, setting himself on fire (and sometimes his Bass Player), doing Shredneck things, and growing his beard. For further information please listen to the new album.

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